Technology is an indispensable part of our daily lives. Each of us is so heavily dependent on it that it’s difficult to do nearly anything without it. Many companies understand this and are investing in their businesses to stay competitive and satisfy the needs of their customers. Others are relying on their old systems and manual processes and are likely facing challenges as a result. Here are five signs you should reevaluate your business and consider custom software.

1. Your Business Is Growing

Growth is a positive thing, but only if you’re taking proactive steps to adapt to the growth. Custom software solutions ensure that your system can keep up with the supply and demand and guarantee your customers are getting the same high quality level of service, no matter how large your business grows. 

2. Workflows Aren’t Efficient

Communication issues, disorganization, low efficiency, and workflow breakdowns are all signs that you should contact a software development company. Ahem, Agilx! Although these things can happen from time to time and don’t necessarily mean your business is in shambles, if there is a clear pattern to the lack of efficiency, you may want to consider how custom software can alleviate those pain points within your business, with tailored solutions designed to improve your unique workflow.  

3. You Need To Integrate With Other Systems

Many off-the-shelf software systems are not designed to be integrated. They may have some basic integration capabilities, but they are not as robust or comprehensive as a custom solution. Custom software takes into account all of your specific needs and goals, as well as the features of your other systems. This ensures that the final product will work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. 

4. Lower Customer Satisfaction Rates

Your customers are the ones who keep your business successful, so it’s essential to take their experience into consideration when contemplating how to stay on top of the competition. A custom solution can help speed up service times, improve communication, and eliminate human error – all things your customers will value and appreciate. And who knows, they may even recommend you!

5. You Want Control Over Your Data & Security

By using custom software, you can feel confident that your data is safe and secure. Custom software gives you the ability to control how your data is used and accessed. You’ll be able to set permissions and access levels to ensure that only authorized personnel can view or make changes to the data, and even track who accesses the data and when. Custom software puts the power in your hands!