A custom software solution for the insurance and risk management industry with AI integrations.

Launch is a brand new startup business born from over a century of service to clients in the insurance industry. The goal of the Launch platform is to help independent insurance agencies scale up beyond what their competitors could, giving them instant access to questions, templates, and a proven process for risk identification and management that is based on decades of best practices. Agilx helped define and express this vision by first developing a high fidelity clickable prototype, which helped the Launch team both refine their own vision and pitch the idea to future clients and investors


Liquid Trucking

A web based application that integrates with the clients Transportation Management system and payroll service.


Liquid Trucking is a national bulk liquid freight company based in Plattsmouth, NE, serving bulk liquid transportation needs. They approached Agilx in hopes of developing a program that could alleviate some of the pain points they were experiencing with their paper-based process, which was leading to billing issues and gaps in information. As a busy company that washes over 50 tanks per day and processes payroll for over 250 employees every week, they recognized the need for a custom software application that could aid in overcoming the challenges they were experiencing with their manual process


Silverhawk Aviation

A custom web-based appliation that improves billing for jet charters.


 Silverhawk Aviation has been delivering upscale, comfortable, and memorable private jet charter experiences for customers since 1991. They approached Agilx with a challenge they were facing; their current billing and invoicing process for customers that own fractional shares in private aircraft was based entirely on spreadsheets, making it error prone, fragile, labor-intensive, and something that didn’t produce a professional electronic invoice for their clients. Silverhawk Aviation tried to improve this process with some internal development but needed an expert to help work through the billing process and design a more efficient workflow. 


Hornady Ballistics Application

We love software development and have a stong commitment to quality and working with Hornady Manufacturing to develop a revolutionary tool for shooting sports industry has been dream project for us. Don’t just take our word for it, here’s a video of Jason Hornady explaining what it like when you work with Agilx.


by Agilx

Our competitive advantage resides with the people, tools and process we implement to deliver and consitant and quality experience every time. As a custom software firm, why wouldn’t we build our own tools to aid in the development process? Spark is a web based application we developed interally to manage everything from project planning, exectution and automated deployments for our clients.