John Geary | CEO

 Silverhawk Aviation has been delivering upscale, comfortable, and memorable private jet charter experiences for customers since 1991. They approached Agilx with a challenge they were facing; their current billing and invoicing process for customers that own fractional shares in private aircraft was based entirely on spreadsheets, making it error prone, fragile, labor-intensive, and something that didn’t produce a professional electronic invoice for their clients. Silverhawk Aviation tried to improve this process with some internal development but needed an expert to help work through the billing process and design a more efficient workflow. 

Agilx took the time to understand these business needs and designed and built a new billing system from scratch that offers a desktop web-browser environment. This makes billing tasks much faster, presents fewer opportunities for errors, and even produces automatic alerts when key parameters are in a range that suggests a problem in the underlying flight data or billing calculations. The billing system automatically integrates with critical back-end systems that provide flight and customer information to eliminate manual entry and data errors, as well as integration to the accounting system so that invoices are automatically captured with no room for errors. This single solution is able to reduce staff workload, increase worker efficiency, and provide a better customer experience when accessing their statements.

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