Liquid Trucking

National Liquid Freight Company

Evan Schmidt | Senior Manager

Liquid Trucking is a national bulk liquid freight company based in Plattsmouth, NE, serving bulk liquid transportation needs. They approached Agilx in hopes of developing a program that could alleviate some of the pain points they were experiencing with their paper-based process, which was leading to billing issues and gaps in information. As a busy company that washes over 50 tanks per day and processes payroll for over 250 employees every week, they recognized the need for a custom software application that could aid in overcoming the challenges they were experiencing with their manual process.

Agilx developed the Tank Wash application, which makes it simple for tank wash technicians to enter a work order for any tank that comes in, whether that be a customer’s tank or one of Liquid Trucking’s own tanks. The application has helped alleviate the issues they were experiencing previously, by tracking all billing and reporting. With this application, Liquid Trucking has grown and scaled their payroll process and identified additional areas within their business where they can grow and scale other processes with the help of custom software.

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