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Based on experience. Agilx is seeking a motivated and experienced software developer to join our growing team. If you love programming and using the latest technologies to create new and innovative products, we would like to hear from you!

Why Agilx

We are a client service company who gets the opportunity to work with a wide variety of businesses to either help streamline their existing processes or develop their next great idea. Here you can be guaranteed to work on new project in a company where software is its main focus and the people care deeply about technology and how it can help others.

Company Culture

Agilx offers a great work environment that allows for the option to work from home or utilize our Lincoln office. We are dedicated to the highest levels of quality and excellence for our clients. Attention to detail is paramount while we work with our clients in an ever-changing agile environment to ensure full satisfaction on deliverables. Flexibility is key to our success.

Job Duties Include

  • Owning technical design for projects of moderate complexity
  • Understanding the tradeoffs in creating good software in their area
  • Breaking large requests down to tasks that can be comprehended by the team
  • Going above and beyond to try and meet the requested deadlines
  • Removing roadblocks
  • Writing consistently high-quality code
  • Awareness of industry best practices and trends
  • Responsibility for complex tasks and completing them despite roadblocks, grabbing others for help or insight, as necessary
  • Seeking evidence to support their ideas and start to build cases for these ideas
  • Delivering products to QA that are well-baked and bug-free
  • End-to-end responsibility for projects of increasing complexity that encompass more than their own development
  • Contributing to the common code bases and standards for the team
  • Understanding the business that their code supports, and possessing empathy for the users of their software, using this understanding to influence their task prioritization
  • Assisting QA in identifying and validating test cases and identifying regression risks in their features
  • Participate extensively in code reviews, and mentor others via code reviews and pairing
  • Identify problems with requirements and help their team course-correct around these issues