Ammunition Manufacturer

Jason Hornady | Vice President 

Renae Waltemath | Director of Sales

Hornady is a manufacturer of ammunition cartridges, components and hand loading equipment whose goal is to be everything for everybody in the world of long range shooting. They approached Agilx with the goal of developing an application that would allow them to make this a reality. Through their partnership with Agilx, the 4DOF application was born and has become the industry’s top shooting application, used by professional shooters and many of our military professionals around the world. 4DOF, which stands for 4 Degrees of Freedom, is a ballistic application that takes into account several factors to help users achieve their most accurate shot. These factors include, but are not limited to, curvature, wind, distance, aerodynamics of the bullet, and velocity.

Upon completion of this initial application, Hornady approached Agilx once again to develop their Reloading Guidebook application. This application is an interactive, digital version of their reloading manual, which originally began printing in 1952. They understood that not everyone wants to have a physical copy of a book anymore, and since everyone spends time looking at their phone, it made sense to develop a digital copy. Unlike books, the Reloading Guidebook can push out data changes to users to ensure they always have the most up-to-date version of the manual. Hornady always has an eye to the future and recognizes the ways in which their business can be improved with the help of custom software.

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