It’s amazing how many small and even medium sized business owners still use pen and paper to record store transactions. Each transaction is recorded using carbon paper, one receipt goes to the customer and another is filed away in a cabinet at the back of the store. At the end of the day the till is counted and money is deposited to the safe and the remaining cash goes to the bank. When it comes to the end of the month/quarter/year purchase orders, invoices and bank deposit slips are counted. Now it’s time to call the accountant, pay your rent, pay your employees and other business related expenses. After taxes you get the leftovers.

Gratis point of sale software is designed to manage all of the above and much more. Start your day by opening a shift with Gratis and count in your cash drawer. As customers come and go during the day making purchases, you record their information as you ring in sales. At the end of the day you close your shift by counting your cash drawer then take money to the bank or deposit money into a safe at the store. Now at the end of the month/quarter/year instead of gathering paper invoices, purchase orders, etc, your a few simple clicks away from finding your gross sales, profit & loss, taxes and much more.  Simply run an inventory report and find out what you need to order, what didn’t sell, and the cost of goods at your location. Remember that customer information you entered into Gratis? Simply export or search customer information to send txt messages, emails or make phone calls to let your customers know of upcoming specials in your store.

The day’s are number for merchants who continue to do things because they’ve “always done it that way.” As innovative technologies such as Gratis point of sale allow businesses to become more efficient & profitable, merchants quickly realize increased sales and more time to spend on the consumer.