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You may be wondering how Sprout earned its name, and, if you are, the answer is simple—much like sprouts transform and blossom, so do ideas. Our approach to building software is with agile development, which welcomes changing customer requirements throughout the development process. Getting started on a software project is an immense undertaking that requires in depth planning, deliberation, and discussion. In creating Sprout, our goal was to design a system that would give our clients the ability to communicate with developers more efficiently, while also helping developers fine tune internal processes to better serve clients. Sprout offers an avenue for both developers and clients to participate in software development projects and track their progress throughout each sprint.


Many software development companies use third party sites for testing and production. At Agilx, we take pride in the fact that we’ve created our own system that gives our clients the ability to participate in the production of their project from start to finish. We believe Sprout provides added value for our customers, ensuring they will have a more positive collaborative experience. Companies who use third party sites are limited to the options that have been pre-chosen for them, leaving them unable to adjust to changing customer needs. Our developers have the capability to alter, remove, or add features to improve Sprout’s functionality. We are dedicated to adjusting to customer needs in order to strengthen their experience and improve the quality of our work. 



Sprout offers clients access to a variety of helpful features to stay up-to-date on their software project’s progress. One of the most valuable features available for clients to utilize is the collaboration board, which gives them the opportunity to stay in constant communication with developers during their project’s development stages. The collaboration board facilitates communication between the two parties, ensuring that pertinent information about their project won’t be lost in emails and mistakenly overlooked. The collaboration board updates in real time when a new comment is left, and notification is immediately sent to the client, the project manager, developers who have been assigned tasks to the project, and anyone else who has previously commented on the thread. The collaboration board ensures that each person contributing to the project’s development remains up-to-date on the project at all times.



Internally, Sprout offers benefits to developers that help them better serve clients. Sprout assigns tasks to developers, tracks the amount of hours they’ve spent working on each project, and estimates how much remaining time is required to complete each project. This information is laid out in detailed charts to give developers a visual representation of their progress. These features help developers maintain efficiency by keeping them on track with the timeline laid out in the Statement of Work during the initial phase of the project.



At the appropriate time in the project, a beta environment is created for client testing purposes. Clients receive alerts notifying them when there are updates ready for their review. During this time, any issues discovered by the client can be reported back to Agilx to be resolved. Clients can report any issues with their test build via tickets in Sprout. Tickets are a way for clients to explain what problems they are experiencing and how they believe the product should be functioning. When reporting issues, Sprout gives clients the ability to leave comments or attach files to help illustrate what problems they are experiencing.



Upon completion of a project, Agilx sends the client a final release via Sprout to be tested in the beta testing environment. Along with the release, all release notes compiled throughout the development of the project are made visible to the client in Sprout. The release notes include a list of each ticket submission and the changes that were made to resolve each issue. This gives clients a better understanding of the steps that were taken during the development process to create their final product. Within five days of the release, clients can inform Agilx of either their acceptance or rejection of the test build. Once the client approves the release in Sprout it is published and launched in the production environment.



Sprout exists to make each element of the development process more efficient, both internally and externally. The platform offers many features to clients that add value to their experience when they choose to work with Agilx. We place a heavy emphasis on building relationships with our clients and make it our goal to create positive collaborative experiences for them. Sprout makes certain that this goal is accomplished with each client by easing communication between clients and developers and fine tuning our internal processes to better serve our clients. 





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