You’re ready to upgrade your business operations, either from your current software or maybe this will be your first delve into in the software realm. There are a lot of options to consider but most will fall into two categories; Pre-built Software and Custom Software. You could probably make either option work but one is bound to be a better fit for your needs. Take a look at the pro’s and con’s for both sides.



1. Lower Cost

Pre-built software offers a lower up-front cost. Always check subscription, support and upgrade costs for hidden, long-term pricing.

2. Fast Implementation

The good news, a pre-built solution can be ready to go immediately. If you decide you need a type of software you can have access to it the next day.

3. User Communities

If you choose a well known product, there will be plenty of online forums dedicated to it. You’ll have a whole group of users to ask about any issues.


1. Limited Functionality

You won’t be able to find the perfect pre-built solution that solves every problem. You’ll pick one that covers the most and work around the rest.

2. Incompatibility

There is no guarantee it will work with all the systems and processes that run your business. It may not even work with programs you implement in the future.

3. Feature Requests Ignored

You aren’t the focus of the software so the creators have no obligation to add new features, or to prioritize updates with what is most important to you.



1. Scalability

With large growth plans, custom is the way to go. It can modified quicker, giving you the ability to start small and add more features as you grow.

2. Competitive Edge

Custom developers build with the latest technology. A pre-built solution risks of starting your business with an outdated piece of technology.

3. Overcome Unique Challenges

Custom software puts you in the driver’s seat. The most important and unique things about your company can be the focus of the custom software.


1. Cost

With custom software the up front cost will be higher, it comes with the territory. Over time that cost should drop making the custom option still a viable choice.

2. Time

You won’t be able to implement this the next day, week, or month. Custom software is a process that pays off in the end, but all good things take time.

3. Dependency on Provider

Switching providers half-way through the process or after completion can be difficult. It’s important to pick the right company to work with from day one.


The choice is yours. If your needs are very basic and not specialized, a pre-built option could do the trick. If you plan on growing and using cutting-edge technology for all of your processes, the custom route is for you. At Agilx we thrive on storyboarding our clients’ needs and ideas. Still not sure which option will work best for you? Give us a call and we are happy to talk more about the benefits we offer, and help you nail down your business needs.

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