Agilx is proud to announce the release of GratisLite 1.4.6.

Included in this release is the availability of new add-on features, including Simple Inventory Management (SIM) and Agilx ePay.

Agilx ePay allows GratisLite merchants to take immediate and secure online payments for their outstanding invoices.  On each invoice generated by GratisLite, an ePay number is printed near the bottom.  Customers simply open their favorite web browser and navigate to the web address printed on the invoice.  They then enter their ePay number, confirm the amount to be paid, enter their payment information and that’s it.  GratisLite merchants can now get paid in minutes, instead of weeks!

Simple Inventory Management (SIM) allows GratisLite merchants to track their product inventory and historical cost, allowing a more detailed sales cost history and better cost management.

Other updates include the separation of quotes and invoices in the History tab, as well as the color-coding of invoices to indicate whether they are paid, open or past due.

As always, our merchants don’t need to do anything to get the update.  Just go to and enjoy using GratisLite.