Leadership Lincoln Executive Series“Being in the room with the best and brightest CEOs, Presidents and other executives in Lincoln was a truly humbling experience. Humbling, but incredibly educational”, said Clonch of the opportunity to speak about the culture that co-founder Jake McElroy and himself are building at Agilx. “I had the opportunity to put our ideas and core values out into a room of people that have spent decades building some of the best organizations in the world.  Representatives from companies like Lincoln Industries and Kiewit; truly unique and amazing examples of the best corporate culture builders around today.” 

The Lincoln Executive Series is designed to provide executives from both the public and private sectors an exposure to and a deeper understanding of the critical issues facing the community.

The program represents an ongoing commitment to the betterment of the Lincoln community and to the increased dialogue among its leaders. During the past twenty-two years, over 475 executives and their spouses/significant others have been involved in the Lincoln Executive Series.